We are a boutique law firm founded in 2014 by professionals with relevant experiences in firms and institutions in Brazil and abroad.

Since the beginning of the firm, we have always had a very clear idea: structure a firm that would be different than traditional law firms, offering a new and interesting alternative of legal advice to clients.

We understand that our client’s most important businesses and successes pass through a unique legal advice, allying quality, close interaction, and a modern approach to the Law.

Therefore, our commitment goes beyond a top-notch legal assistance. We want to be similar to an advisory firm, working on deals with a multidisciplinary approach, a deep knowledge of markets and strong business acumen. Simply put, we want to effectively generate value to our clients’ businesses.

That is why we say we are more than lawyers. We have business in our DNA.

Our profile is based on some fundamental concepts

Our Values

We are a firm that was organized and is still conducted by solid values.

Here are some of them:

  • Twinkle in the eye: we believe and invest in those who have passion for what we do and for what we are.
  • Performance: we believe in constant evolution and relentless search for the best solutions to our clients' problems. Luck comes from hard work.
  • Meritocracy: we have an ambitious plan in which there is room for those, no matter who, believe in and are dedicated to it. The reward will come accordingly.
  • Ethics and Transparency: ethical and transparent conducts, not only in critical moments but on a day-to-day basis, help us build long-term trust-based relationships. Only acting that way will we have a lasting and successful activity.
  • Sustainable approach: we assume the responsibility for and commit ourselves to the sustainability of our actions and business. We believe that, as an institution, we should also look beyond our walls.